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Holiday Sales Tips

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Holiday Sales Tips

We’re entering the final quarter of the year, so I have compiled these helpful sales tips for customers.

5 Simple Last-Minute Tactics to Maximise Holiday Sales!

It’s a fact. The holiday season offers the perfect opportunity for business owners to apply some last-minute marketing tactics to benefit from the buying frenzy!

Don’t delay as you will have just a few weeks before sales drop off and last-minute shoppers receive a sudden influx of promotional deals.

Here are 5 tactics you can apply TODAY! The most important thing is to plan ahead!

Tactic #1: Add Some Holiday Flair to Your Sale Copy!

Make sure your sales message informs your customers which of your products would make good gifts for which of their family members…

  • This would make a great gift for mom!
  • This would make a great gift for the entrepreneur in your family!
  • This would make a great gift for a teen!
  • This would make a good gift for [insert recommendation here]!

… You get the point.

Never assume your customers “get it” because they probably don’t… you need to tell them who your product(s) apply to and why they should buy it for them as a gift.

Tactic #2: “Top 10 Gift Ideas” List

If you’re a business with numerous products, then one of my favorite tactics is putting a “Top 10 Gift Ideas” list on your site.

If someone is thinking of gift ideas, your message will grab their attention — and you can then entice customers toward the products that generate the highest profits for you!

Don’t forget to modify the sales copy (or message) of the products you recommend to play up the “gift idea” angle! Just like with Tactic #1, you need to tell them who wants your product and why it would make a great gift.

Tactic #3: Capitalise On “Seasonal Words”

At this time of year “Gift”-related words will see a substantial increase in interest from shoppers who are looking to buy presents for their loved ones! For example:

Hobby Related Key Phrases:

  • Golf gift idea
  • Fishing gift idea
  • Video game gift

Individual Specific Key Phrases:

  • Christmas gift for Fisherman
  • Christmas gift for Plumber
  • Christmas gift for Student

Warning: Stay away from more general keywords and phrases like “Christmas Gift” or “Christmas Gift for Dad.” They will not drive you the targeted traffic you need.

And remember, to get the highest possible conversion, the sales copy on your flyer or brochures need to continue the theme of the keyword.

So if someone comes receives your flyer or brochure with keywords like “Christmas Gift for Student,” you need to offer an explaination why your product will make a good gift for a student.

Tactic #4: The Loss Leader

Whenever you receive a catalogue from your local supermarket or grocer, you’ll be sure to see something enticing. Usually, it’s price-point based whilst other times it’s a product that has a limited supply. Whatever it may be, it sure draws your attention!

So why not enhance your flyer or brochure with a product or two, which will draw attention and entice the customer to visit your store? Once they do, your sales associates will be able to guide them towards making a purchase that’s suitable for their budget and not necessarily the loss leader product.

Tactic #5: The Countdown!

This one’s our favorite…

Make sure you add a countdown or deadline to your flyer or brochure that invites customers to order a certain product either from your website or by phone reservation and still get guaranteed delivery by Christmas!

Even if you have two weeks left on your countdown, the psychology of a deadline will increase their urgency to order NOW!

So there they are — four strategies you can apply to profit from the holiday buying frenzy. But remember, that deadline is ticking for YOU, too… so you need to take action NOW!

Hope these marketing tips help you get more customers!

Source: for GPS Flyer Distribution Sydney