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Printing Tips

GPS Flyers Sydney designs, prints and distributes your flyers to all areas in Greater Sydney with GPS tracking reports so you see RESULTS!

Printing Tips

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Flyers and brochures are one of the more cost friendly ways to inform a particular target group of customers about your products or services, with immediate results.

Here are some pointers on how you can make your flyers attractive, contemporary while cost effective!

Printing Tips

  1. A great and attractive design is the first step! Spend the time to RESEARCH how you can create a trendy and contemporary flyer by observing the latest advertisements in the newspapers or magazines.
  2. Basic design 101 suggests that the natural reading flow is from left to right, starting from top to the bottom of the page (unless your flyer is in a language other than English). It’s advisable to keep to the standard practice.
  3. Hire a professional CREATIVE DESIGNER who understands the printed matter and be sure to inform the designer that it’s for print, and not for a website. Ask for the source files, so that in future, you can have it re-used or re-designed just in case the designer you hired to create the original is not available.
  4. Hire a professional COPY WRITER, otherwise, write your own material and do not hesitate to run it by at least a few of your friends to ensure it’s easy to comprehend.
  5. Select a ROYALTY-FREE IMAGE or ILLUSTRATION or use a photo that rightfully belongs to you.
  6. Ensure your HEADLINE and CONTENT are catchy! Imagine you’re the one reading it. Would you keep the flyer, or not? Some flyers are designed so attractively, people keep it as a souvenir or even as a bookmark! A large headline, followed by key points in the sub-heading, and finally no more than 50-words descriptive text content.
  7. Include your logo, company name, website, email, telephone, mobile phone, address (and if relevant, store opening/closing hours) at the bottom part of the flyer.
  8. Avoid meshing up images, or placing text on top of a busy image. The worst thing in conveying a message on a flyer is when the customer has difficulty reading! Exercise the ‘less is more’ practice and you’ll be sure to have a winning flyer design!
  9. What SIZE should you select? The standard DL-sized (98mm x 210mm) printed front and back is recommended. For comparison sake, the standard A4 paper is sized 275mm x 210mm. So the DL size is effectively one-third the size of an A4 piece of paper.
  10. What TYPE OF PAPER should you select? We recommend at least 150 grams, on art paper. Gloss or matte is a subjective preference.
  11. How MANY PIECES should you print? The more you print, the more cost effective it gets. So plan your printing in advance and you could enjoy large savings! A good starting point is 10,000 – 20,000 pieces for a week’s campaign. Or, 50,000 – 100,000 for a month’s campaign.
  12. What is the significance of printing it in FULL COLOUR? Full colour, or four colour printing is really not that much more than a spot-colour or one-colour printing. It lends more credibility and professionalism to the look and feel of the flyer.
  13. Remember, the main objective of your flyer is to entice and attract customers with a course of action. Decide what that is, and be consistent with ONE CONSISTENT MESSAGE. Try not to put too many messages in the one flyer. for GPS Flyer Distribution Sydney